The only holistic model to optimize your eyesight


Balance & Optimize
Your Visual-Neurology


To protect, maintain, and improve your eyesight requires carefully balancing the 6 Levels of your Visual-Neurology™. Each level builds upon the next.


Visual-Neurology™ is the art and science of enabling the best and most accurate transmission of nerve information from your eyes to your brain.

Without an optimized path the light information will get distorted and misinterpreted, leaving you with eye problems and compromised eyesight.

Optimizing Visual-Neurology™ is complex, but easy to do. It requires 6 levels of optimization that go hand in hand with the Triangle of Sight™;

Level #1 – Mental

Optimize your mental attitudes for clear vision and an optimal outlook on life. Your mind has the power to filter out 80-90% of the light information perceived in your eyes, so if it is not aligned properly there is a good chance it will filter and distort more than that.

Level #2 – Emotional

Freeing up and letting go of any emotional friction that is present with eye problems. When your visual nerve enters the emotional brain any friction that has built up over your lifetime will decide what your emotional brain will let through.

Level #3 – Nourishment

Nourishing your body right for your eyesight consists of two aspects:

  1. the nutrients that you feed your cells
  2. the life-force energy in your organs

Both are a direct result of how you nourish your body. To optimize this area you have to understand what your body and organs require. And unfortunately supplements are no help here because your body is not designed to digest them.

Level #4 – Toxicity

In holistic health your eyes are directly connected to your liver. The liver in turn is connected to your kidney. Both, kidneys and liver, are the detoxification organs of the body.

So, if you do not know how to remove toxicity from your system and navigate around toxic loads in a world that is bombarded with toxicity, your eyesight will have a hard time.

Level #5 – Your Body

The muscles controlling your eye muscles to optimize the functionality of your eyes directly run through the top part of your spine. Further, your visual nerve passes by your jaws.

So, if your jaws, your neck, or your shoulders are tight, your Visual-Neurology™ will be restricted.

On top of that your spine contains all nerves from the brain to your organs, such as your liver and kidneys. If there is constriction in your spine, which is likely the case in today’s world with too much sitting, again, your Visual-Neurology™ will be compromised greatly.

Level #6 – Your Eyes

Lastly we have to optimize the functionality of your eyes. Meaning that the muscles of your eyes have to be strengthen due to the fact that they got weakened for such a long period of time by glasses and/or contact lenses.

Unfortunately eye exercise programs and the entire ophthalmic industry are built on the premise to improve vision only in the eyes. That leaves the rest of your Visual-Neurology™ out of balance and not performing properly. That’s why eye exercises alone do not work anymore, and why glasses get stronger and stronger over time.

It is also the reason why eye surgery doesn’t last over 50% of the time. Because eye surgery does not restore balance and doesn’t optimize your Visual-Neurology™.

EyesightMatters™ is the first and only holistic eyesight improvement methodology that optimizes your Visual-Neurology™ fast and effectively.

The tools and resources provided at EyesightMatters™ are all designed to improve one or more levels of Visual-Neurology™ because only when all levels function at optimal levels will you be able to enjoy the freedom, energy, and confidence that is your birth-right.