For When You Need It...

Personal Consulting Sessions
With Evgania Or Veit Mehler

For those times when you do need a personal Skype call to
get the personal guidance you need...

Even though EyesightMatters™ offers the first and only truly holistic eyesight improvement solutions, there may be times when you require person help.

And thanks to the amazing invention of the internet, we are happy to announce that we are here to help you via Personal Skype session when you need it.

Improving eyesight and health can be a very personal journey, so we are here to help. Not just with your eyesight, but with your health and life.

Also, if you or somebody close to use is struggling with the after effects of substance abuse or long-term prescription use (such as anti-depressants), Veit can help.

Through his personal journey from barely surviving to thriving, Veit is here to give you guidance and resources to recover your health and energy after prolonged use of any substance.

So, if you need personal help, please get in touch. Please fill out the form below and outline clearly what you need help with.

The fee schedule for Personal Consulting is:

15 min Skype Consultation: $99

30 min Skype Consultation: $197

60 min Skype Consultation: $395

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