A unique model to explain balanced eyesight


The Basic Principles
The Triangle of Sight


Healthy, balanced vision comes from a holistic health that is reflected in healthy eyesight. Focus on the eyes only is too narrow and will not maintain healthy sight.


EyesightMatters™ is a platform that contains tools and methods to assist you in maintaining and improving your eyesight holistically.

In getting back your energy, health, and vitality to live a more meaningful life, to have better focus, and to feel full of confidence.

In eliminating lack, struggle, and pain. And most importantly, in getting rid of eye problems and glasses naturally and holistically.

But where are your eye problems coming from?

Let’s have a look.

When you close your eyes, can you envision and see the front door of your house? Do it right now.

Of course you can.

Now, try to adjust that image in your mind, first blurry and then bring it back to clear?

How did you go?

Well, if you played, you saw your front door, and then turned the image blurry and back to clear. Yet it had nothing to do with your physical eyes, right.

And when you can’t imagine something in the future, you say “no, I can’t see that happening”. Yet there was nothing to see in the first place.

So you instinctively know that your vision doesn’t require your eyes. So vision really happens on the screen of your mind.

But when you cut off your visual nerve at the eyes, you won’t be able to see either. You’ll be able to envision things, but you’d be blind to the outside world.

So eyesight must have more to it then the mind.

So let’s examine.

  1. you perceive light information of an image that is upside down in your eyes
  2. that information is sent down the visual nerve past your jaws into your brain
  3. the visual nerve enters the brain in the Old Brain, the emotional brain
  4. from there it is sent into the Cortex, the big thinking part of the brain
  5. in the Cortex 80-90% of the light information is filter, flipped, and interpreted to make up the image you see in your mind.

So the 10-20% of the light information that does make up the image in your mind can be quite distorted on many levels, and on your willingness to see the world.

Let say you see something dangerous in front of you, like a snake. Do you black out everything else, and see only the dangerous object in front of you?

You betcha! If there is something potentially life-threatening in front of you, you would never see the partner of your dreams behind it. Your eyes would physically super focus only on the danger.

That’s your emotional brain trying to keep you alive. So your emotions play into your vision as well.

So what is eyesight then? A combination. It’s a representation of your holistic health.

Eyesight is connected to your body, mind, and spirit. It’s a holistic experience that is an indicator of what area of your overall health needs attention. It’s your first warning sign that something in your body-mind system is out of balance.

It’s a intelligent system that allows you to improve your health and life holistically, so you experience an extra-ordinary life.

Eye problems are your body’s way to let you know that something needs attention to keep you in balance. Eye problems are a gift from your body, so you know what to address, so you don’t get seriously ill later on in life.

Here in EyesightMatters™ we describe eyesight using The Triangle of Sight™. It is our model to explain how holistic eyesight works, and how it affects your body and health.

The Triangle of Sight™ is a symbolic representation of the 3 Pillars of healthy eyesight, and a healthy body-mind system. We use a triangle because all 3 pillars have equal power.

It is the interplay between the 3 aspects of healthy eyesight:

  1. Your Mental/Emotional Life,
  2. Your Chemical Life (nourishment and toxicity)
  3. Your Physical Life (your body and eyes)


The triangle represents the strongest structure known to men. So if your eyesight is balanced according to The Triangle of Sight™, your health is perfectly balanced for a long, healthy, and prosperous life.

We also use The Triangle of Sight™ to avoid confusion with other concepts and methodologies. All of these work with and consider only one, maximum two, pillars of The Triangle of Sight™. Missing out on true balance and harmony in life.

Holistic health isn’t something you have. You wouldn’t say “I have good health.”

You ARE healthy. And when you ARE healthy holistically, you also have great eyesight.

EyesightMatters™ offers tools to improve each Pillar of The Triangle of Sight™, and with that every area of your holistic health. EyesightMatters™ is the first and only solution that maintains and improves eyesight holistically. Also improving your health.

EyesightMatters™ helps you to open the doors to live your life with purpose and to reach your full potential in life. Because the subject of holistic health, is YOU.