A former diamond in the rough...


Veit Mehler
Co-Founder of EyesightMatters™


Life is a slippery slope. Sometimes your fall and then you brush off, get up
and when you come back, you are stronger than before.


“There are 3 forces in life that determine the quality of your life; 1. Who were you?, 2. Who are you?, and 3. Who will you be? Any moment in your life you have the opportunity to reinvent yourself by making different choices.” – Veit Mehler

Throughout his life, Veit Mehler had to reinvent himself many times over because life through obstacles at Veit pulling him of the path of who he wanted to become.

The first challenge was glasses with only 2 years of age. Veit got diagnosed with a genetic eye condition that caused a curvature in the axis of his eye. It was the exact same eye condition his brother already suffered from.

Yet by age 11 Veit overcame the condition and became glasses free.

On of the defining periods for Veit came in his teenage years when he was placed into a negative environment in school when his family relocated from Frankfurt to Berlin, Germany. Veit ended up in the worst classroom environment of any class of the school.

After living his entire childhood in a small town he now faced a classroom filled excessively with drug dealers in a big city. Not before long, Veit’s environment took its toll and drew him down with it.

Through his long journey of recovery from substance abuse to health and well-being, a journey most addicts never achieve, Veit learned very valuable lessons that are his participation to the EyesightMatters™.

In his reincarnation from a teenager and young adult lost in a world of substance abuse to a thriving and healthy husband, teacher, and father of 3, Veit has learned how to take control and change one’s mind-set and thought patterns, as well as the roles medicinal herbs and organ energy play in a healthy and fulfilled life.

With Veit Mehler as guide and teacher in EyesightMatters™ clients can tab into the vast knowledge and wisdom Veit had to acquire in order to reinvent himself to the be on the path he set out to live, after years of detour.

That ancient, universal wisdom is the necessary lifeline for everyone suffering for exhaustion and depletion due to the stressful and overwhelming state of our society.