The Evolution Of A Masterpiece


About EyesightMatters


A good wine requires beautiful fruits, careful crafting, and age to mature. An effective healing method too.


“The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step.”
– Chinese Proverb

EyesightMatters™ is the study of everything related to your eyesight. A holistic resource that helps to protect, maintain, and improve your eyesight in a world that represents a constant attack on healthy eyes.

Studies have been published for over two decades outlining the true root causes for eye problems. Within these root causes lay the answers to restore your vision. Yet they are greatly ignored.

Ignored by an industry that thrives from selling glasses, contacts, and eye surgery. An industry that has no interest in healing your sight.

EyesightMatters™ turns that around.

With EyesightMatters™ we offer you a one-stop resource center for all the tools your need to take care of your sight. Naturally, without any side-effects, and while improving your confidence, health, and energy.

The journey to compile the first and only truly holistic eyesight resource center started way back in Russia when co-founder Evgania went to improve her own eyesight and health. From -3.75 and astigmatism to driving without glasses legally.

EyesightMatters™ has evolved and transformed by merging the 2 unique stories and paths of Evgania and Veit Mehler into 1. Just like a child is made up of the DNA of two parents, so is EyesightMatters™ a unique blend of life and healing experiences that offers you to take charge of your own vision and health.

EyesightMatters™ is an easy to understand, easy to follow, holistic, and natural approach to help people to transform their vision, eyesight, health, and lives into an extraordinary experience. It allows people from all walks of life, at all ages, and with any eye condition imaginable to regain their vision, energy, and self-esteem.

Using the resources of EyesightMatters™ is like learning yoga and Tai Chi from one of the masters in the India or China. You can trust EyesightMatters™ to inspire, encourage, support, and amaze you with fast vision and health improvement results. Leaving you with more energy, vitality, and most importantly, with clear vision for the rest of your life.

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