The Amazing Journey From Depression To Inspiration...


Evgania Mehler
Co-Founder of EyesightMatters™


Whatever your eye problems, whatever age or gender you are, you’ll find
Evgania Mehler to be the perfect guide to help you navigate your journey
to improve and get back your vision naturally.


“For almost two decades dealing obsessively with glasses, I’ve been investigating the fundaments of eye problems; the root causes and the solutions. Such a journey leads one down many avenues of natural healing and health…” – Evgania Mehler

That journey is what ultimately led to the founding of EyesightMatters™. The first and only way to keep, maintain, and improve eyesight holistically.

Among one of the landmark events of the journey to true holistic eyesight is the creation of the Triangle of Sight™ model. It marks the foundation of the EyesightMatters™ philosophy to approach your vision holistically.

It describes the potential present in every human being to improve his or her eyesight naturally and holistically, starting today. It’s the universal balance of healthy eyesight ever present in each and every one of us.

Throughout her journey Evgania has taught vision improvement in live seminars. She has authored a best-selling book. And she has co-founded and co-created the Pure Vision Method™, which then evolved into EyesightMatters™.

So with EyesightMatters™ everybody has access to the tools and resources needed to protect, maintain, and improve your eyesight. In a holistic approach that benefits all areas of health, and the body-mind-spirit.

It is applicable to every eye condition, to every age group, and is the foundation for a better quality of life. And at its core of EyesightMatters™ lies the invitation from its founders: “Eyesight Matters, So Keep It While You Can!”

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